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Deezy Signature Collection by Tamkota™

Allan Tapia Also known as “Deezy”
33 years old 
Chef Allan has been very passionate about his craft of cooking. “
His background is Japanese cuisine in the year 2010.
Allan moved to California 
Not knowing his passion for food would begin.
Born in Mexico 
Then he moved to Arizona, where he lived during his teenage years. 
As a young immigrant 
Deezy got his talent from skateboarding and doing graffiti. 
Chef Allan landed his first job in a local Japanese kitchen in Tustin, California. 
He worked in the back of the house, “Boh” 
So he was never allowed in the sushi bar, but that never stopped him from learning, from observing, and taking notes of how the masters performed their skills.
He mastered the traditional dishes and flavors of Japan.

Deezy and Joseph 
A long-time friend got together and decided to create “Tamkota “. Deezy took his passion for cooking 
and Joseph’s passion for knives blended together. 
To the perfection of beautiful, affordable blades for professionals and beginners.

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