Care tips for Kitchen Knives

by Tamkota Cutlery on Sep 18, 2021

Care tips for Kitchen Knives

Care tips Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are corrosion resistant if maintained properly. Knife blades can suffer and corrode from improper cleaning. Permanent moisture, high salt content in the air or water, and acids from food leftovers can all cause corrosion.

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To ensure maximum service life, we recommend the following care tips for our high-quality kitchen knives.

- After use, wash the knives under running water. Stains can develop if the knives are left uncleaned with foods or acidic leftovers for longer periods of time.

- All household knives with plastic handles can be washed in the dishwasher. Also here, rinsing is recommended. In addition, make sure that the dishwasher is opened momentarily after cleaning. The hot water vapor and water condensation can also cause stains and corrosion on the blades.

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- Stains can also occur when an aggressive or too much detergent is used. Independent lab tests have concluded, that not all cleaning tabs and detergents leave dishes sufficiently clean. In such cases, we recommend changing the detergent.

- Make sure that knives in the cutlery basket do not touch other metal utensils. Thus, spotting can be avoided and the knife blades are not damaged by other utensils. Tip! Stains, stubborn dirt, or corrosion can easily be removed with an abrasive sponge. In most cases, the residue has not been completely removed during rinsing, or the blade is attacked by extraneous rust from materials that are not rust-proof such as screws on cooking pots. The surface of the blade corrodes if stains are not removed.

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