How it was made?

V Gold10 is a highly alloyed stainless cutlery steel, originally developed by Takefu Special Steels over 60 years ago to make the most of quality raw materials and the alloying effects of various element to make an all-round, high performance blade steel. The addition of 15% of Cr, 1% of Mo and 1,5% of Co makes the matrix (substrate) stronger and prevents carbides from dropping out. By adding V, the structure becomes finer. Combined Cr, Mo, and V form a lot of hard carbides, so abrasion resistance improves which gives knives long-term clean cutting, VG10 is rather machinable and easy to grind.
VG10 also has a quadratic effect in high-temperature tempering which makes it ideal to use in cutting tools which are given surface-coating at up to about 450°C.

Specs C Cr Mo V Co Hardness
VG10 0.95-1.05 14.50-15.50 0.80-1.20 0.15-0.35 1.30-1.80 HRC60-62