Welcome to TAMKOTA Cutlery where you will find the best kitchen knives you can buy at the best price. We offer a wide selection of kitchen cutlery that will help you perform any kitchen task.

Extraordinary Beauty and Performance You Can Trust

TAMKOTA Cutlery is known for its exquisite beauty and ultra-premium performance. Yet as beautiful as TAMKOTA is on the outside, and as beautiful as it performs in your kitchen, its true beauty may be in what you don’t see.

Tradition & Crafts

Forging is a transformation process that not only determines the outer shape but also alters the internal structure of the steel. Proper forging improves the ductility and sharpening capability of the blade. That is how the blacksmith creates step-by-step unique pieces.

It begins with the steel, the heart of the knife.

Although the steels look alike on the outside, inside they’re not the same. The formula—the recipe—for any particular steel can make a significant difference in how it handles in the fine cutlery. A little less vanadium or carbon here or there and performance can be affected.

Heat treatment—an invisible, yet vital, process.

This exacting process is fundamentally important to ensuring that your TAMKOTA provides lasting value. In heat treatment, the metal is heated and cooled to change its microstructure, bringing out its very best properties. With precise heat treatment, blade steel becomes finer-grained, making it stronger and harder so blades can be thinner, sharper, and give you a longer-lasting edge. TAMKOTA’s experts are, quite simply, masters of the heat treatment process.

Even though you can’t see these things, they are critically important.

That’s why TAMKOTA Quality Control is second to none. Our meticulous professionals check each TAMKOTA for precision in both fits and finish. We ensure the angles of our hand-sharpened blades are accurate using advanced machinery. Then we go a step further, sending our knives to independent testing laboratories to guarantee each TAMKOTA meets—and will continue to meet—our demanding specifications. This third-party testing ensures that TAMKOTA steel is what we say it is, TAMKOTA hardness is what we say it is, and the processes used for sharpening and finishing our fine cutlery are what we say they are.